Ken has 7 baseballs. Each baseball weighs 0.3 pound . Ken wants to use this model to find the total weight of the baseballs. Each hundredths block in the model represents 1 whole .

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Given that,Ken has 7 base ball And each base ball have a weight of 0.3 poundsIf 1 ball = 0.3 poundsThen, 7 baseball = 7 Γ— 0.3 poundsSo, 7 baseball = 2.1 poundsThen, the total weight of the 7base balls is 2.1 poundsBut, we want to to use the box to represent this data following the given information in the attachment Note: since, the weight of the baseball is in decimal pointsLet 0.1 pounds be 1 Square box.Answer1. To represent the weight of one base ball (0.3 pounds), ken should shade 3 Square box. Since 1 pounds is 1 Square box2. To represent the weight of all the seven base ball (2.1pounds), he should shade this amount seven times. This means that he need to shade 3 square box seven times. This shows that the amount used in the second part of the question means by how much must the square be shaded compare to question the first part of the question3. The shaded part of the model will represent the expression 0.3 Γ— 74. The total weight of the base ball is 2.1 pounds.