The Honor Society held a canned goods drive. They ran great advertising campaigns and collections increased. The following table represents collections------------------|--------------------Day Cans Collected------------------|---------------------1 | 15------------------|---------------------2 | 20----------------------------------------3 | 25----------------------------------------4 | 30----------------------------------------5 | 35----------------------------------------6 | 401. The rate of change is? a)5b)15c)252. The rate of change represents?a) The difference in the number of cans from day 1 to day 6b) The number of days cans collectedc)the number of cans collected per day

Accepted Solution

#1) The correct answer is A) 5.
#2) The correct answer is C) the number of cans collected per day.

We find the rate of change by finding the change int he outputs, the change in the inputs, and writing it as output/input:

(20-15)/(2-1) = 5/1 = 5

The rate of change tells us how many cans (on average) per day were collected.